COUNTERPOISE: (noun/verb) definition:

It signifies a factor that brings about balance and establishes a state of equilibrium.


Who we are


We are a diverse team of handpicked practitioners who are:

  • non-judgemental
  • have an open-minded approach to life
  • who are able to work confidentially and collaboratively
  • have a willingness to grow
  • know the privilege it is to work with you
  • qualified and experienced
  • have lived experience
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    What we do

  • Physical therapies including yoga and strength and conditioning
  • Mental health services including counselling therapies, EMDR, supervision and psychotherapy
  • We acknowledge that mental and physical wellbeing affect one another, so we enable confidential collaboration across modalities
  • Retreats, events and workshops tailored to your organisation's needs
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    How we do it

    At Counterpoise we know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work!

  • We can match you to a practitioner (or maybe more than one) who can best support you. Or you can choose!
  • Counterpoise’s approach emphasises collaboration and confidentiality. So our team refer to each other and utilise each others skills where safe and applicable
  • We’ll look at your unique situation, goals, and preferences and match you to a practitioner that best fits your needs
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    Not sure how to manage your physical or mental struggles?

    Don’t know where to start?

    We’re not here to offer impractical solutions, we’re realistic. Our services are informed by professional and evidence-based practices, accepting that the journey to wellbeing is a process, and it takes courage.

    We are real people; you are a real person –you deserve a safe, professional pair of hands to support and guide you – and that is exactly what Counterpoise offers.


    🎓 Qualified, experienced practitioners who genuinely care, listen without judgement and offer support when you need it most.

    🌎 Access to sessions that are flexible from anywhere, at any time.

    🏠 Comfort of your own home, or any other place where you feel safe and happy.

    🤝 A multi-disciplinary team that collaborates to ensure optimal support whilst remaining completely confidential.

    🌟 Access to a wide range of services to support your mental and physical wellbeing so you can choose where you start.

    ⏳ Saves time and money – no commuting, no parking, no travel costs!

    📚 Access to resources, tools, templates, and guides. Straight to your device to continue the great stuff outside of the sessions.


    Let's Get Started

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