You are not just an organisation. You are a community of unique individuals who work together towards a common goal.

That’s why at Counterpoise we don’t offer generic packages, we partner with you. We offer realistic solutions and tailored wellbeing packages that suit the needs of individuals who make up a collective organisation. Counterpoise aims to work with you on an ongoing basis, ensuring support and collaboration for long-term individual and collective success.



Our Partnerships include:

🌟 Individual or group sessions (or both 🙂) 🌟 Emotional support 🌟 Mental health workshops 🌟 Lunch time drop in sessions 🌟 Corporate retreats 🌟 Fitness classes 🌟 Staff supervision 🌟 Bespoke services to enhance your teams physical and mental health.

These services can help:


Boost employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity


Keep your valued staff


Reduce absenteeism


Address issues before they erupt


Provide support to your team


Enhance workplace wellbeing


Create a happier team


Reduce staff turnover


Promote a collaborative & supportive environment

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We never know when we are going to have a tough Mental Health Day…. Introducing our Hotline

With Counterpoise’s Hotline, you can:

🌟Reach out to a member of our expert team for assistance and advice.

🌟Be assured of confidentiality and respect.

🌟Communicate seamlessly and efficiently in a way that works for you.

🌟Our Hotline can help you provide accessible support to your employees.

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Affordable wellbeing workshops

Learning and practising wellbeing doesn’t have to be a solo journey; it’s something you can do together, and engaging together can be FUN.

Counterpoise’s workshops can help you:

🌟 Learn from our experienced practitioners who cover a wide range of topics such as stress management, resilience, mindfulness, communication skills, etc.

🌟 Empower employees with practical tools and strategies for enhanced wellbeing.

Our pre-made workshop titles include: (but we are happy to create one just for you)

🌟How to master self regulation in order to aid workload and relationships🌟How to effectively communicate your thoughts, feelings & ideas🌟How to boost your energy levels during the day and wind down at night🌟How to control emotional eating through boredom, stress and anxiety🌟Mastering self hypnotherapy and the art of mindfulness🌟Neurodivergence & wellbeing in organisations🌟How to create healthy, balanced meals for work🌟The importance of food preparation & how to easily implement these into your life🌟Supporting yourself (so you can support others)🌟Self harm 101🌟Understanding the teenage brain🌟The who, what, where and how: wellbeing

With Counterpoise’s one-off workshops, you can:

🌟 Choose from one-off workshops on any area of wellbeing that is most relevant to your team.

🌟 Customise your package with one-off workshops that suit your budget and schedule.

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Let Counterpoise be your trusted ally in cultivating a healthy and thriving workplace environment.


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