Hey! I’m Em, I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2021 to complete my Masters in Human Nutrition. Since starting at Counterpoise in 2020, I have worked with eating disorder clients, focusing on using a person-centred approach and using positive affirmation food therapy to improve complex eating patterns and build confidence in my clients. I love supporting and empowering my clients, helping them to understand that they are so much more than the food on their plate whilst also giving them the tools they need to learn more about food and nutrition, which they can use in the future. This summer I completed my Master theses where I chose to specialise in nutrition during pregnancy and the impacts that has on the cognitive development of infants. I have a strong passion for pre and post-natal pregnancy nutrition as well as infant nutrition.

Specialty​ : Athlete Nutrition, Child nutrition, Complex Eating Patterns, Complex Eating patterns, Eating Disorder Support, Eating Disorders, Eating disorders, Infant Nutrition, Menopause, Nutrition, Physical Health, Pre and Post-natal pregnancy, Puberty, Recipe & Menu development, TASS athletes, Unsure, Vitamins and minerals, Weight maintenance, Weightloss
Age Group : >12 years, 12-18yrs, 19-25 yrs, 25-35yrs, 45-55 yrs, 55-65 yrs, 65+ yrs
Experience : 3 years.
Gender : Female
Types of Therapy:

Mindfulness-Based, Person Centred

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