7 Ways To Rebuild Trust


Trust is one of the most important factors needed to maintain any kind of relationship. It allows you to be comfortable around someone and truly be yourself without the worry of judgment or mishaps. 

So it’s sometimes difficult to understand why someone has broken trust or come to terms with breaking someone’s trust. 

Here are 7 ways to build trust in a relationship. 

  1. Be open and honest 

It is important to communicate what damages trust. This allows you to identify what went wrong so you can make sure the same mistakes aren’t made in the future. 

Being completely honest here is crucial! 

Do not hide anything that may hinder your trust with someone, and they should not hide anything either.

2. Be responsible for your actions

When identifying what went wrong to damage the trust, you have to take ownership of your mistakes, and so should they. Blame shifting onto the other person or all the blame being shifted onto you is not a good idea! 

A way to show you have listened is to list back to the other person the hurt and anger they have expressed.

3. Identify how to fix the problem

The trust mustn’t be broken again. You have to come together and identify where the broken trust stemmed from. You need to identify with the same issue so you can move past it. Listen to each other and take notes of what the other person is saying. 

4. Apologise effectively

There is nothing worse than an empty apology. If an apology does happen it must be sincere. Just saying ‘I’m sorry’ is very easy for some people to say without meaning it. The apology should be with actions as well as words. A hug or handshake at the end of the discussion is a good example of this. 

5. Demonstrate a willingness to rebuild trust

Showing ways that you are trying to regain the trust of someone is good for both of you. Try and do something each day you see them but make sure to take steps as slowly as they need to be taken. You must be patient when trying to regain trust from someone who was very hurt and this must be respected. He same goes for someone who has broken your trust. Give yourself to heal. 

6. Reflect on the experience 

After you have regained trust from someone, make sure to think over exactly what happened. This should hammer home the fact that you do not want to fall out again. Once you forgive someone, think about how you feel letting them back into your life. 

7. Create new memories

By doing new fun things together, you will be able to shift focus from the bad things and negative thoughts about when the trust was broken and develop a more stable and strong relationship. 

Broken trust is a difficult process to get through, but it can be done with the right support from friends, family or even a therapist.

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